Server Information and Features


This server is unlocked up to the Planes of Power, level 65.

It is an era-accurate server based of the P2002 Database with a twist.

Do you miss the nostalgia of EQ? Having to work for things, feeling the accomplishment of leveling, growing your character, conquering new content and finding new items and spells?

Well, then you've come to the right place. VegasEQ is all about reliving your favorite times and experiencing of EverQuest without the endless grind and hundreds, if not thousands of hours needed to spend grinding and gearing.

Here you will still have to work for levels, conquering content and fight strategically, but you can forget about that endless grind. This is a more balanced version of The Planes of Power era for those of us who don't have 8-hours a day to throw at the game.

You can play solo, with friends, or 2-Box and enjoy advanced bots that accompany you along the way. Bots have had a complete AI rework and are extremely customizable and are far better than you could ever imagine.

Bots unlock as you level and you can unlock more by killing raid targets as you progress. Visit the Bot Information on the sidebar to learn more about bots and their commands.


Key Features

  • All content can be completed by 2 players by unlocking bots via raid targets. Although not necessary, 2-boxing is allowed.
  • Only the very late game Planes of Power and possible Vex Thal content would require more than 1 player to complete, everything else can be done by a single player without the need to group or box if you choose not to.

  • There are many quality of life improvements to make the game you love less of a grind but still keep the feeling you had playing it.

  • Hot Zones will rotate every week at 12AM Midnight CST on Monday and can be found under Hot Zones or via Sir Nite in Plane of Knowledge
  • This is accompanied by a weekly restart with a 1-minute downtime.

  • Open up to Planes of Power, level 65. All PoP rules/content apply.
  • Semi-Legit EXP rates. Slightly boosted to avoid spending hours, days, weeks trying to get to the next level.
  • PoP-era content and zones including old Highpass Hold.
  • 2-Boxing allowed.
  • Raid Experience scales at the same rates as groups do so raids are worth exping in.
  • Corpse Runs start @ Level 10, EXP Loss @ Level 11.
  • Keys and Flags for zones are required including proper Plane of Power progression.
  • All legacy, removed and major nerf items have been restored and can drop at ultra low rates from their proper owners.
  • Quality of life improvements available such as map, AAs, Leadership, HoTT, Aggro Meter, etc.
  • Stacking up to 1,000 on most items, some other larger items like molds and patterns are limited to 20.
  • Increased health, mana and endurance out of combat regen rates. (15 seconds to activate, 30 seconds to full).
  • There is a limit of 13% experience per kill regardless of con.
  • This only applies to kills and regular EXP, it does not apply to AA EXP or experience gained from quests.
  • Lesson of the Devoted lasts 1 Hour with a 24-Hour Cooldown.
  • Custom AAs to Gate, Bind and Port to the Hub (free AAs).
  • Other free AAs to make live easier (Mystical Attuning, Pet Affinity, Mnemonic Retention, etc.).
  • Kerafyrm can be awoken indefinitely. Sleeper`s Tomb will not reset to Post-Awoken status.
  • Any class can complete another classes epic quests to turn in to their bots.
  • Hub in The Plane of Knowledge with spell vendors, soul binder, corpse summoner (during certain hours) and many more NPCs to advance and exchange items/shards.
  • This can be teleported to via the Hub AA (1 hour cooldown).
  • Avin the Instancer is in most raid zones for instanced expeditions.
  • Expeditions can be reset for Shards.
  • Bragstein in the Hub for stat leaderboards, also viewable here.
  • There are Achievements and they can be tracked via the #achievements channel on Discord or Allaclone.
  • The Luclin Spires can be used on command by talking to the Scion.
  • The Arena has test dummies that can be spawned by talking to Larenor to test your raid setups.
  • These will disengage if you run away, depop at 5% and there are no death penalties in The Arena, including no buff fade.
  • ...and much more!

  • -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Vegas Loot System

  • Completely custom loot system on top of stock loot. All natural loot is intact for the era.
  • You must be no more than 10 levels above the mob to get any Vegas drops.
  • Nearly all wearable items in the game can random drop based on mob difficulty and expansion.
  • Rare and Raid mobs have chances of dropping better and the more difficult, multiple items.
  • Chances for bonus loot and shards to drop on all eligible kills.
  • Shards drop from mobs and increase in quantity as mobs get more difficult.
  • Epic Tokens can drop from any mob level 45+, group and raid mobs have an even higher chance.
  • These can be traded in at the Hub for the appropriate class epic or random if turned in with 5kpp.
  • Shards can be reclaimed via the Alternate Currency tab in your Inventory Window then traded in at the Hub for items from merchants that rotate their stock every 24 hours.
  • Items purchasable from Valeen display "None" for charges, but will have charges upon purchasing.
  • All dropped and researched spells are global random drops with according level ranges.
  • Weight Reduction bags can drop at a very rare rate.
  • Bridles can drop at a VERY low rate.
  • Random drops and Shard Vendored items have an */** respectively at the end of their names and cannot be used in quests, sold or give achievements.

  • If you see a `Poof` message on an NPC`s death, that means you are on drop cooldown. Most spawn locations cannot trigger more than once every 3 minutes.
  • The exceptions are Ring of Fire bosses and Plane of Sky Spirocs are on a 30-minute timer.


    Bot Information

  • Spawnable Bots are unlocked as you level, beginning at level 5. (1 @ L5, 2 @ L10, 3 @ L25, 4 @ L40, 5 @ L50). More unlocked as you kill raid targets.
  • Bots can be used in raids.
  • Monk bots use their epic in combat automatically if it is equipped.
  • Mage bots can summon their epic if it is equipped.
  • Bots that have castable epics can use them using the ^useepic/^ue command. IE. ^ue Clericbot.
  • Bots can hold and adjust all of their spells/spell types and when they can cast as well as customize all healing thresholds for bots and players.
  • Death Touch will hit Bots if they are the primary target.
  • Bots will auto-invis in The Plane of Knowledge. Use see-invis or invite bots to groups to interact.
  • Visit Bot Information or #bot-commands on the Discord for more information regarding bots and their commands

  • Come join the fun and grow together!