Welcome to VegasEQ!

  • Please visit the Discord and visit the #getting-started and #bot-commands to learn more about the server.

  • There is also a CharBrowser available to browse.

  • Don't forget to visit #patches to download the necessary patch.


    This server is unlocked up to the Planes of Power, level 65.

    It is an era-accurate server based of the P2002 Database with a twist.

    Bots are enabled and unlock at varying levels. Although not required to enjoy the experience, 2-boxing is allowed.

    There are many quality of life improvements to make the game you love less of a grind but still keep the feeling you had playing it.

  • Hot Zones will rotate every week at 12AM Midnight CST on Monday and can be found on Allaclone or via Sir Nite in Plane of Knowledge
  • This is accompanied by a weekly restart with a 1-minute downtime.

  • Open up to Planes of Power, level 65. All PoP rules/content apply.
  • Semi-Legit EXP rates.
  • PoP-era content including old Highpass Hold.
  • 2-Boxing allowed.
  • Spawnable Bots are unlocked as you level, beginning at level 5. (1 @ L5, 2 @ L10, 3 @ L25, 4 @ L40, 5 @ L50). More unlocked as you kill raid targets. See #bot-commands on the Discord.
  • Bots can be used in raids.
  • Stacking up to 1,000.
  • Increased health, mana and endurance regen rates. (15 seconds to activate, 30 seconds to full).
  • Monk bots use their epic in combat if it is equipped.
  • Mage bots can summon their epic if it is equipped.
  • Bots that have castable epics can use them using the ^useepic/^ue command. IE. ^ue Clericbot.
  • Bots can hold and adjust all of their spells/spell types and when they can cast as well as customize all healing thresholds for bots and players. Visit #bot-commands on the Discord.
  • Custom AAs to Gate, Bind and Port to the Hub (free AAs).
  • Death Touch will hit Bots if they are the primary target.
  • Kerafyrm can be awoken indefinitely. Sleeper`s Tomb will not reset to Post-Awoken status.
  • Quality of life improvements available such as map, AAs, Leadership, HoTT, Aggro Meter, etc.
  • Corpse Runs start @ Level 10, EXP Loss @ Level 11.
  • Any class can complete another classes epic quest to turn in to their bots.

  • You must be no more than 10 levels above the mob to get any Vegas drops.

  • Nearly all wearable items in the game are global RNG (random) drop based on mob difficulty and expansion.
  • Rare and Raid mobs have chances of dropping better and the more difficult, multiple items.
  • Epic Tokens can drop from any mob level 45+, group and raid mobs have an even higher chance.
  • These can be traded in at the Hub for the appropriate class epic or random if turned in with 5kpp.

  • Shards drop from mobs and increase in quantity as mobs get more difficult.
  • These can be reclaimed via the Alternate Currency tab in your Inventory Window then traded in at the Hub for items from merchants that rotate their stock every 24 hours.
  • Items purchasable from Valeen display "None" for charges, but will have charges upon purchasing.

  • All legacy, removed and major nerf items have been restored and can drop at ultra low rates from their proper owners.

  • Keys and Flags for zones are required.

  • All dropped and researched spells are global random drops with according level ranges.
  • Weight Reduction bags can drop at a very rare rate.
  • Bridles can drop at a VERY low rate.

  • Random drops and Shard Vendored items have an */** respectively at the end of their names and cannot be used in quests, sold or give achievements.

  • If you see a `Poof` message on an NPC`s death, that means you are on drop cooldown. Most spawn locations cannot trigger more than once every 3 minutes. The exceptions are Ring of Fire bosses and Plane of Sky Spirocs are on a 30 minute timer.

  • PoK Bank is used as a Hub. Can be reached via the Hub AA.
  • Has General Merchant, Soulbinder, Corpse Summoner, Discipline and Spell Merchants and more.

  • Avin the Instancer is in most raid zones for instanced raids.

  • There is a limit of 13% experience per kill regardless of con.
  • This only applies to kills and regular EXP, it does not apply to AA EXP or experience gained from quests.

  • Bragstein in the Hub for stat leaderboards.

  • Mystical Attuning , Mnemonic Retention & Origin AAs @ Level 1.
  • Pet Affinity & Gate AAs @ Level 20.
  • Bind Affinity AA @ Level 25.

  • Lesson of the Devoted lasts 1 Hour with a 24 Hour Cooldown.

  • There are Achievements and they can be tracked via the #achievements channel on Discord or Allaclone.
  • The Luclin Spires can be used on command by talking to the Scion.

  • The Arena has test dummies that can be spawned by talking to Larenor to test your raid setups.
  • These will disengage if you run away, depop at 5% and there are no death penalties in The Arena, including no buff fade.

  • Bots will auto-invis in The Plane of Knowledge. Use see-invis or invite bots to groups to interact.

    Come join the fun and grow together!